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Card Game Play Holland


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Product Description

Play Holland is a typical Dutch card game which allows the player to get familiar with some of Hollands most known cultural aspects in a touch-base kind of way. The game reaches to all ages and interests because of its visual aspects, but also because of its clear explanations with each card and subject.

In a fun way players are introduced to the Dutch culture or can test their knowledge about The Netherlands. E.g. ‘Name an invention by a Dutch scientist’, or ‘What do you know about Kings’s Day?

The card game consists out of nine different themes: Food, Science, Waterland, Statesmen, Landscape, National Holidays, Dutch Masters, History and Politics.

Play Holland can be enjoyed by people with a soft spot for Holland… around the world.

Download here Rules of the game in English.



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Card Game Play Holland

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Download here the rules of the game Rules of the game